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TSGA release of EMRS sentiment findings

Friday August 6th 2021

An independent poll commissioned by the TSGA has confirmed there is positive community sentiment for the industry.

The EMRS conducted the research in May/June and interviewed 1,000 Tasmanians, from all regions of the State and age categories from 18 to 70+ years.

Among the findings it was noted that 78% of the respondents did not oppose the salmon industry in Tasmania.

Survey results highlights

Positive contributions by the salmon industry for the Tasmanian community included employment, input into our economy, and a source of good/healthy food.

  • Among the respondents in support of the Tasmanian salmon farming industry, the reason they cited most frequently by far coincided with that for the importance of the aquaculture industry as a whole: namely, that “it generates and provides jobs/ employment” (60%).
  • Further economic benefits were also again cited frequently. Most notably, that it “generates income for Tasmania as a whole/ the state’s economy” (25%).
  • It “provides a good food source” also recorded a high rate of mention (24%).

Of those members of our community in Tasmania that have neutral position on the salmon farming industry most of these people would like more information – especially on any environmental impacts.

  • One in five Tasmanians held a neutral ranking towards the importance of the industry (21%).
  • The respondents who were neutral towards the Tasmanian salmon farming industry most frequently stated “don’t know enough about it” as their reason (26%).

This feedback will enable the industry to improve its communications and engagement with Tasmanians.

Link to full report: